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Welcome to Valdo Luxury Design Studio


Valdo Luxury Design Studio is a one - stop interior design firm based in London. Specialising in luxury interior ideas and custom solutions .Valdo Luxury works in partnership with Oakwood Interior Solutions and offers clients a full menu of services to fulfil all their design needs. From initial concept to installation, we take care of everything. 


We are pleased to offer the following services to help you find the solutions you need: from initial ideation to the development process to finishing touches, we work with our clients closely each step of the way. Keep in mind that each service can be completely customised to your project and needs to ensure the most successful outcome.


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Meetup with interior designer
Interior Designer

Reinventing interior experience with a personalised design 

The spaces you spend most of your time in are definitely worth the extra attention which Valdo Luxury can give you. From residential spaces to commercial projects, we do it all in the world of interior design. We offer each of our clients a unique and innovative solution to their design needs. You won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll take care of everything, from budget management to final installations.

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