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Returns, Cancellation Policy


1. V Luxury does not accept returns. It is within our sole discretion as to whether to accept returns of merchandise. Do not attempt a return without first having obtained a V Luxury written authorisation. V Luxury will not accept returns without prior written authorisation.
2. Items returned without our prior authorisation will be refused at buyer’s expense.

3. Returned items must be in their original condition and packaging, and the Buyer shall prepay and be liable for all charges regarding the shipping of returned goods, including insurance.

4. The 50% non-refundable deposit will be kept on all returns of merchandise.

5. Custom items are not returnable under any circumstances.


  1. Orders are not cancellable nor returnable after 5 working days since the 1st payment of the order. If the order is canceled within the 5 business days allowed, the amount already paid will be credited to the same entity that placed the order.

  2. Changes in orders, returns or cancellations require prior written approval from V Luxury. In every other aspect (delay, client indecision, loss of projects, etc) the amount paid to V Luxury will not be refunded or credited as Credit Notes, and the Buyer will lose any right to the merchandise. Such orders will be subject to change, cancellation or stocking fees up to 40% of the net selling price.


1. V Luxury shall be liable for material defects in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. Additional warranty from V Luxury's suppliers’ is only applicable if stated in the respective article invoice.  
2. Proving that any damage in the piece caused by quality requires replacement, V Luxury compromises to exchange the damaged part or complete product(s) within a period agreed with the CUSTOMER. It is MANDATORY that V Luxury collects the damaged part or complete piece(s) to replace it by new one(s).  
3. Every claim is assessed case-by-case by V Luxury Customer Care Service. Should any issue with the products received be detected, a written claim must be submitted to V  Luxury Customer Care service (at within 2 (two) working days after the reception of the products. After this period, V Luxury reserves the right to decline any responsibility on the conditions of the goods.  
4. V Luxury strongly advises CUSTOMERS to verify firstly if damages are perceptible on the package, and then verify all crates upon delivery in order to check for unconformities in the conditions of the goods.  
5. The original packaging of the products must be kept. In case a claim is submitted, the packaging must be kept during the period in which the claim is settled.  
6. If the collection or return of any item is needed and the original packaging was not kept, the client shall be responsible for all costs and procedures necessary for the item to be in shipping conditions. V Luxury shall not be liable in any way for the replacement, acquisition, or any other costs related with the replacement of the original boxes or crates.  
7. Damaged products being returned must be in the condition in which they were received by the CUSTOMER. The products must be well accommodated to avoid extra damages. The CUSTOMER must not attempt to modify, handle, install or repair them.  
8. V Luxury compromises to offer the client a solution proposal within 5 (five) working days of the claim registration and after all information requested by the Customer Care is provided by the CUSTOMER.  
9. The CUSTOMER is advised to check and photograph all pieces ordered, upon their arrival. All claims must be accompanied by photographic and/or video evidence that support the client’s complaint, in which all the products, correspondent crates and/or boxes and issues claimed are clearly showed, and a written detailed description.  
10. V Luxury ensures the repairing or replacement of the components detailed in the claim submission form if it is assessed that the damage is V Luxury's responsibility. V Luxury strongly advises to storage the products in good conditions. All other damages not included in the claim submission will not be covered under V Luxury warranty, and may be subjected to an upcharge.  
11. V Luxury reserves the right to refuse any item repairing, pick-up or delivery, from any location other than the original shipping address. Any transportation of the product from destination to a second location will forfeit any transportation damage claim.  
12. When claims occur, V Luxury exchanges information with the CUSTOMER of the related purchase. V Luxury reserves the right to not share information or deal with other entities or persons besides the CUSTOMER. 
13. V Luxury reserves the right to decline responsibility if: a. The claim is presented after the 2 (two) working day period, or is not accompanied by the mandatory information mentioned in 5 (five) working days; b. The claimed products were altered out or any way tempered with, either by the client or by a third party, without V Luxury consent; c. The products show clear signs of regular use. 

14. There are no warranties with all Bathroom products. When issues arise, V Luxury reserves the right to determine whether a replacement or repair is most appropriate.


1. Claims for defects as a result of the shipping process handled by the CUSTOMER, are not covered under V Luxury's warranty. V Luxury is not responsible for a CUSTOMER’s own or third party freight damage and claim. In these cases, V Luxury is committed to finding a suitable solution with the CUSTOMER.
2. In the case of EXW shipping, V Luxury is not liable for damage sustained in transit cargo. In the case of DAP/DDP/DAT shipping, please note that before signing the merchandise delivery document, the CUSTOMER is required to confirm if the package has any perceptible damages. If damages are perceptible on the package, the CUSTOMER should mention “subject to verification” on the POD (Proof of Delivery) in order to safeguard any eventual damages to the merchandise and file a claim under the insurance policy. 
3. When on behalf of V Luxury, should visible or concealed damage occur in transit, immediately notify the delivering carrier with initial notification of intent to file a claim. Failure to report, or to provide written claim for any damage or loss within 2 (two) working days of the delivery will automatically release V Luxury for any liability for damage sustained in transit cargo. 
4. The CUSTOMER may claim warranty on defects that result from mishandling in the shipping process, up to 2 (two) working days after receiving an order. As a result, the CUSTOMER is advised to check and photograph all pieces ordered, upon their arrival. All claims related to shipping, must be accompanied by the signed POD (Proof of Delivery), photographic or video evidence that support the client’s complaint, in which all the products, correspondent crates and/or boxes and issues claimed are clearly showed, and a written detailed description.

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